Marcia King’s Story

With over 16 years experience in digital marketing and five years freelancing, Marcia has a passion to share her expertise to help other freelancers learn and grow. Her background in communications led her to a successful career in various aspects of digital marketing and training.

Marcia went out on her own in 2014 and founded SimpleMSolutions, a digital marketing and reputation management agency.

Marcia’s  knowledge in digital marketing and freelancing has led her to partner with friend and peer, Erin Gordon in founding Savvy Outsourcing.

“Freelance tools and support are an immediate need. When I first started my freelance business, I spent countless hours and money looking for tools, resources, and support to help me grow my business. That’s why Erin and I created Savvy Outsourcing. It’s a one-stop shop for freelancers.”

We understand challenges and issues with freelancing and hiring freelancers. That’s why we work with both businesses and freelancers to help you learn how to be the best you can be and grow your career and your business.

It’s our goal  to create innovative solutions to bring about change. We strive to teach, learn and grow in order to provide savvy, on-trend products and services.